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Девушка показала что она может вытворять с дилдо и парням понравилось.они заплатили шлюшке деньги и выебли её по очереди.

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  • Cassara
    Cassara 266 дней назад

    Though I do agree that homophobia is ignorant and disgusting, it is true that the term gay has evolved and changed meaning. It is now a term to indicate something is bad or substandard, and not at all attached to hosaiexuolmty in this context. I remember when I first became aware of this change in meaning, I was in the kitchen with my 15yr old sister and we were using the blender to make milkshakes. The blender was being temperamental and she became frustrated and yelled “This blender is so gay!” It is funny the evolution of the word gay, first it meant happy, then homosexual, now substandard dislikable or bad.

  • Laneta
    Laneta 130 дней назад

    That insghit would have saved us a lot of effort early on.

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